I completed my undergraduate training in university of Kwazulu-Natal. After completing my internship in 1990 at King Edward VIII Hospital I was appointed for a year as a lecturer in the Department of Anatomy in the university of Natal. This I believe was the fundamental building block of my training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery because it enabled me to acquire in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a specialty in general concerns itself with any part of the anatomy of the human body.

In 1992 I commenced my General Surgery registrar training in the academically prestigious King Edward VIII Hospital. After successfully completing the intermediate examination in 1993 I continued my General Surgical training which I trust honed in my surgical and clinical skills. I entered the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training programme in 1995. I immediately felt at home in this specialty carrying with me a family heritage of tailoring perhaps spanning many centuries. My training I completed in 1998 and received certification from the College of Plastic Surgeons of South Africa.

I accepted an appointment as specialist Plastic Surgeon in Wentworth Hospital in 1999. I specifically developed my skills in hand surgery, microvascular surgery and cleft lip and palate surgery. I also continued to practice all other forms of general plastic surgery to meet the demands of the public health sector. A major role I fulfill is the training of doctors specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. In 2001 I was appointed as a principal specialist and Deputy head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the University of Kwazulu-Natal.I am enthusiastic about clinical research in my fields of interest and in line with good clinical practice Ihave contributed new knowledge to the academic world.

In 2003 the New Inkhosi Albert Luthuli Hospital was commissioned and the department was transferred. In concert with other disciplines I contributed my services resulting in the formation of the breast oncoplastic unit, head and neck cancer unit and othoplastic unit to manage complex problems related to both the hand and the lower limb. To present date these units continue to make an invaluable contribution in terms of research and patient care. The medical field is a very dynamic field with the doubling of information every 5 years therefore a multidisciplinary approach to complex problems has become a necessity. In 2009 in partnership with a General Surgeon and Oncologist a sarcoma unit was commissioned. I am grateful to my colleagues and patients that have made these units a success as we all continue to benefit from them.

In a limited capacity I commenced a private practice in 2001 and has become a resource to the private sector because of my specialist interests within the fields of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. I enjoy a healthy balance between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in my practice. This enhances the ability to take to cosmetic surgery the principles of reconstruction and to reconstructive surgery the principles of aesthetics.

In 2006 when operation smile arrived in South Africa, I began my contribution to them as surgeon on both their national and international missions. I continue to regularly contribute to their international outreach in terms of cleft lip and palate care.

My academic interests are broad. I have presented or authored over 50 papers in both international and national congresses. I have published 17 original articles in internationally acclaimed and peer reviewed Journals. I also serve as a guest reviewer for many international journals.

I am registered with or affiliated to the following professional bodies:

  • Health Professional Council of South Africa
  • South African Medical Association
  • Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa