Surgical removal of benign and malignant skin lesions including

There are many malignant and benign skin lesions that are treated predominantly with surgical excision. Malignant tumours are commonest in in the white population group largely due to many years of sun exposure. Sometime a biopsy is essential to make a diagnosis. This can be done by means of a punch biopsy, shave biopsy, incisional biopsy or excisional biopsy. A scarless removal is desirable for very superficial benign lesions of the skin. The removal of these lesions especially when small and in hidden areas of the body a simple excision is all that is required. When large or in aesthetically sensitive area it is most suitable for the patient to have the procedure performed by a plastic surgeon for the best possible cosmetic result. Skin cancers on the other hand are treated with a view to effecting a cure therefore some form of scarring is the norm however a plastic surgeons expertise is invaluable in minimizing scarring especially in aesthetically sensitive areas.


These are the second commonest and frequently rapidly growing skin cancer. These tumours have a propensity to spread to the lymph glands in the body as well as other body organs. The best and only curative treatment for this condition is surgical excision with a margin of 1cm of normal skin. In the event of the lymph node involvement additional treatment will include surgically clearing the involved lymph node basin.