Office based cosmetic procedures includes:


Micro-needling is a cost effective method of inducing collagen formation in the skin thereby delaying and often reversing early facial aging.The medical roller has needles that penetrate 1 mm into the skin. The aim is to concentrate the punctures over the area being treated under a topical local anaesthetic. The subsequent inflammatory response in the skin is responsible for triggering the formation of new collagen in the dermis over period of time. The procedure is best repeated about 6 times at 2 to 4 week intervals for maximum effect. The collagen formation is further enhanced with pre and post treatment of the skin with oils and cream containing vitamin A and C.

When used on the face one can appreciate skin rejuvenation by subtle softening of fine lines, restoration in the suppleness, improvement in uneven pigmentation and shallow acne scar marks. It may be used also to improve the crepey skin of the inner arms and the stretch marks of the abdomen.

Surgical micro-needling is done with a 3mm needle roller. This is most useful for stretch marks of the abdomen as well as deeper pitting related to acne scarring of the face. Unfortunately this is best done in hospital under a general anaesthetic. To then make the procedure cost effective it is best done concurrently with another major principal cosmetic surgical procedure.