Hand surgery includes various structures:


Traumatic amputation of the any portion of the hand and forearm should be considered for reattaching that part of the limb back to the body. The most critical issue is that of the mechanism of injury, patient fitness and suitability for procedure and the ischemic time of the amputated body part. In most casesthe amputated part wrapped in a moist saline gauze and should be stored in a waterproof plastic bag on melting ice. Freezing and direct contact with free water must be avoided. This will cause irreversible damage to the amputated part. The replantation restoring continuity in all the soft and hard tissue need to be performed within a period of 4 to 12 hour from the time of injury. Microsurgical skill is required for this operation. Probably not more than 15% of plastic surgeons are skilled in this technique of surgery. The surgery can take a long time to perform and the rehabilitation phase can last months if not years. Functional restoration is variable.