Hospital based cosmetic procedures includes


i.  Facial rejuvenation

There is a natural tendency to lose fat from the face as one ages. The deflation of the cheeks is further accentuated by the sagging of the midface and the appearance of jowls, deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The lower jaw region loses definition as the neck skin also becomes ptotic. The youthful appearance is lost. With the descent of the malar region, the appearance of the lower eyelid is noticeably baggy, vertically lengthened and troughs develop at the cheek lower eyelid junction. Replacement of fat to strategic areas of the face reverses many of these effects. In additions the fat injection can also be used to efface folds and creases. The procedure of fat injection can be used on its own in most cases. In some patients if the effects of aging is fairly advanced then facelifting and/or eyelid surgery maybe needed at the same sitting. The face lift is best to sometimes precede the fat injection. The plastic surgeon is generally is the best position to advise. Bonus side of the fat injection procedure is the introduction of stem cells in the face with subtle improvement in the colour and texture of the skin.

ii.  Hand rejuvenation

Skin on the back of the hand is naturally thin. Further as we progress in age from childhood to adulthood the subcutaneous fat slowly disappears. The skin becomes laxed and crepey. The dorsal veins become visible through the transparent skin. Replacing by fat injection is one of the best ways of restoring the youthfulness of the hand. The texture of the skin improves and the dorsal veins become less visible. The procedure is simple and can very easily performed under local anaesthetic.

iii.  Brazilian butt lift

The buttock is an important aesthetic portion of our truncal appearance. The size, shape and projection in harmony with the rest of the body are what give the buttock region appeal. The aesthetics is affected by the body mass, racial and ethnic background. With ageing fat content is proportionally lost from the region and the sagging of the buttock occurs. Significant weight loss also flattens and causes the buttock to sag. One of the relatively scar less technique of this region is by fat injection. Buttock projection increases. In addition lovehandle fat reduction improves the buttock lift and shortnes the waist line. Augmentation by the use of implants is not without complications and lifting by skin incisions leave obvious scars. If the skin is in excess and the buttock sag is significant then skin excision cannot be avoided. This is especially relevant for patients that have undergone massive weight loss.However any patient who desires enhancement of the buttock may undergo this procedure. The plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise.

iv.  Calf augmentation.

This region of the leg receives a lot of attention and not infrequently the desire of patients to have well shaped legs. Calf augmentation with the use of implants is usually not easy and complication rates can be high. Modest improvement in the shape of the leg can be achieved safely with fat injection.