The medical speciality of Plastic Surgery is quite unusual in that it generates a lot of public interest. The media frenzy is an important facet in driving this phenomenon especially with regard to Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is about transforming normal into supernormal. Everybody is made different and change with passage of time but we fit into a range of normal external appearances. Body image is responsible for one's desire for change in some part of the body that makes one unhappy. On the other hand the reconstructive portion is about restoration of defective portion of the body to produce an improved function and form.

It is never possible to make every patient happy, nor is excellent results the only outcome. Like any other surgical speciality risks of complications are present. In consultation with your plastic surgeon your suitability for surgery and realistic expectations must be communicated. Plastic surgeons are well equipped to deal with your needs and balance the risk and rewards. This is especially very important for cosmetic surgery. Both the patient and the doctor need to feel comfortable with each other during their first encounter building trust. By engagement a customized solution is sought for you.

Each patient and situation is unique. Most obvious though, the final decision to proceed with any surgical request rests with both patient and surgeon.

The purpose of the website is to share some information on the various surgical entities that I deal with and also provide you assistance in reaching us. Queries can be sent by email to us, but if you are wishing to make appointment the best is to call my rooms directly.